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AIBEA'S Clarion Call. March on to Nationwide General Strike on 26th Novemer 2020.


Join us on, Sunday 18th October,sharp at 11.00 AM for FOBOISU - President & Working President's Address on our ongoing agitional progaramme against management. Click on the above link to start the live telecast at 11.00 AM on Sunday 18th October.Please do not miss this important event..

It is learnt that the management has opened a special window till 31. 10. 2020 allowing those Award Staff who have not claimed reimbursement of petrol expenses in previous quarters to claim. It is further learnt from the management's instruction that those Award Staff who will not claim reimbursement of petrol expenses till 31. 10. 2020 will lapse. The grounds put forth by the management for such a step is stated to be Income Tax issue and also cumulative load of expenses in a quarter in which Award Staff will lodge claim thereof. Both are fallacious argument. Moreover, is our bank's financials are so fragile as to unable to bear the load in one quarter? Furthermore, The step taken by the management is motivated and designed to create confusion/ division among members.. let us not fall prey to divisive game of the management. The members have so far lodged strong protest by not lodging claim. As per data released by management more than 14000 Award Staffs have not claimed on the advice of the Federation. It is also to be noted that the management has now reacted to the protest lodged by the members. *Members are advised to wait for the decision of the Federation in the matter. We will communicate our decision within a couple of days. In the meantime, members are advised not to lodge claim.* We will collectively tackle the management's divisive game plan.

AIBEA's Call- Observe Anti Bank Privatisation Day on 14th Sept 2020. Follow guidelines as per circular.

Congratulations comrades, MoU for 11th Bipartite Settlement signed by UFBU on 22.07.2020. Wihin 90 days final Settlement will be completed.




.The Executice Committee Meeting will be held on 15th & 16th July 2019 at Jaipur.( (E.C.Notice )

03.The Executice Committee Meeting will be held on 22nd & 23rd November 2018 at Pune.( (E.C.Notice ) .Our Pune Unit is holding its Diamond Jubilee Celeberation on 22.11.2018. Com.C.H.Venkatchalam, General Secretary of AIBEA will address the meeting. .

02.It has been decided to hold an extended meeting of "Small Committee". All the members on the "SMALL COMMITTEE" and the President and the General Secretary of all affiliated units of the Federation will attend the meeting of Extended Small Committee on 04.08.2018 & 05.08.2018 at Hotel Royal Regency in Chennai.((Notice of Extended Small Committee Meeting ).It has also been decided to hold a meeting of "Steering Committee" in Chennai on 04.08.2018. .

01.The first Executice Committee Meeting after our 25th Conference will be held on 6th & 7th April 2018 at Nagpur.( (E.C.Notice ) .

19.Federation of Bank of India Staff Unions will hold its 25th Triennial Conference in the beautiful city of INDORE from 25th to 27th November 2017.( (Notice for 25th Conference of Federation )The Conference will be inaugurated by Com. C.H.Venkatachalam, General Secretary,AIBEA & Prof.R.Ramakumar,Dean, School of Developments Studies Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai has given consent to be the Chief Guest of the Conference. All the units are advised to send delegates as per the provision of the constitution( (Numbers of Delegates and Obserers for each affilited Units to the 25th Triennial General Meeting at Indore)).More nos of women delegates are allowed to increase their participation in the functioning of Federation. Additional delegates (Yuva) over the unit’s quota to be picked up from out of members who have put in less than 10 years of service and likely to serve the organisation for longer period. M.P unit is going ahead with the preparation to make the conference successfull.( (Welcome Notes of M.P Unit for all Delegates & Observers ).

18.Central Consultative Committee meeting was be held in First week of Sept. 2017. Federation has submitted its Agenda for the meeting( (Agenda for CCC meeting ). Discussion was also made on to put modified BOI staff Benevolent Fund Scheme in place , increase of SWO-B posts and Promotion of experienced & educated Sub-Staff. .

17.There was a general Meeting of all comrades of Varanasi Zone on 26th Aug 2017.Com. Dinesh jha lallan general Secretary of the Federation addressed the gathering.The meeting was held in the Dr.K.N.Udappa Auditorium. .

16.Executice Committee Meeting was held on 25th & 26th June 2017 at Chennai.Circular follows.( (E.C.Notice ) .

15.Our Odisha Unit held its 13th Triennial Conference on 4th & 5th March 2017 at Keonjhar.Com.Maxi Periera, Working President & Com. Deneshji, General Secretary had attended the Conference. .

14.Executive Committee Meeting was held at Siliguri (West Bengal) on 12th & 13th December 2016.( ( Notice for E.C.Meeting.) Discussion was made as per agenda.It was decided to keep the momentum by sustain strugle.The road map will be intimateed soon.It was informed that due to federation's effort,HO has issued letter to all ZO to extend OT wages for extra work over normal working hours even from 21st Nov. to 31st Dec.2016 .

13. Odisha Unit held its 2nd Women Convention on 23rd October 2016 at Hotel Richi Residency, Nayapali, Bhubaneswar.Com.Dinesh Jha lallan. General Secretary of our Federation, Com.P.K.Tripathy,General Secretary, All Odisha Bank Employees Association & Com. Namrata Chhadha, Eminent Social Activist,Mr.Agrawal,GM NBG East, Mr.Amit Roy, ZM Bhubaneswar Zone, Mr. Pratigyan Kanungo, ZM, Keonjhar addressed the Convention.Around 132 Nos of Women Comrades from through out the state participated in the Convention & took part in the discussion.(2nd Women Convention dt.23.10.2016.)

12.Our Pune unit has organised a Blood Donation Camp on Sunday, the 7th August, 2016, at Bank of India Sports Club Hall, above Bank of India, Shanipar Branch in memory of (Late ) Com.V.M.Chitnis, Ex-General Secretary of the Federation of Bank of India Staff Unions, Mumbai.(Pune Unit's Letter on Blood Donation & Yuva Conference.).They also held meeting of Young Comrades in Pune City and Pune District Branches of Pune Zone in YUVA CONFERENCE on Sunday, the 7th August, 2016 at “Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti Hall”, above Bank of India, Shanipar Branch(2nd Floor)from 11.30 am to 5.00 pm

11.AIBEA has issued a press release(Press Release by AIBEA regarding mounting Bad Loans.) on 19th July 2016 asking Govt. to take stringent action against the loan defulters and declare willful default as criminal offence.it is observed that even RBI/Govt. is not declaring the names.AIBEA has the opinion that people's money is used to give loans & they have the rights to know the defaulters names.Hence AIBEA has published the names of the wilful defaulters list of the banks. 1.(Bank wise List of Willful Defaulters.)2.(Borrower wise List of Willful Defaulters.)3.(Top 10 Willful Bank Loan Defaulters.)

10.Executive Committee Meeting was held at Indore on 18th & 19th July 2016.Agenda wise discussion was took place for two days. It was decided to relaunch our agitional programme from middle of the AUG 2016. (Notice for E.C.Meeting.) MP unit had organised a mass meeting of Young comrades on 17th July 2016 at Indore.Com.Dinesh Jha Lallan,Gen.Secy, Com. maxi perier,Working president & other office Bearers of the Federation addressed the gathering consists of more than 630 members.

9.Bank of India Employees union, Odisha had organised cluster meeting on 22nd may 2016 at Bhubaneswar. Around 200 nos of comrades participated in the meeting.Com.maxi, Working president & Com. Dinesh Jha lallan, General Secretary attended the meeting.Information was given on the Govt.'s anti people policies,health of Banks, federation's call for the agitation to improve the performance of our bank & press for our demands regarding recruitment in all cadre,extension of benefits,sending memorandum to MD & CEO etc.

8.On 6th April, RBI Governer had made a statement that declaring the names of defulters will shame them & may result in loss of business for them.AIBEA strongly refutes the statement.Now loan defult by big corporate house become a menance.AIBEA has written a letter to Governer on this issue. (AIBEA's Letter to RBI Governer.)

7.On 23rd March 2016 AIBEA had a meeting with Hon.Finance Minister to discuss & present our view point on problems faced in Associates Banks,Privatisation move by Govt. of IDBI Bank & Merger of PSU Bank etc.(AIBEA's circular on Meeting with Finance Minister.)
6.United bank of India Employees Association- Central federation is observing one day strike on 9th march 2016.(AIBEA's circular to all affiliated units.)

5.United Forums of RRB union has called for Strike on 10th & 11th march 2016 on many long pending issues. (AIBEA has instructed all affiliated units to extend full support.)

4.It is increasingly evident from the Govt. action that privatization of PSU Bank is the main hidden agenda. Recently Govt. has announced in parliament to reduce Govt. share below 50% in IDBI Bank. AIBEA has strongly resented the move of the Govt. & written a letter to Finance minister.(Letter to Finance Minister on privatisation of IDBI )

3.We are observing INTERNATIONAL WORKING WOMENS DAY on 8th of March every Year. It signifies a lot to the trade union movement. In our Bank, the numbers of women employees are increasing due to the fresh recruitment made recent years. It is heartening to observe that all are taking immense interest in union activities. We had a very pleasant experience in our YUVA SAMMELAN held at Nagpur last year, where large numbers of women comrades across the country participated. Let us pledge in this Women’s Day that we will make the society a better place for women without discrimination, sexual exploitation, unemployment etc. . (AIBEA's circular to observe International Working Women's Day)

2.Executive Committee meeting of the Federation will be held on 16th & 17th Dec.2015 at Chandigarh. (Notice for the E.C.Meeting)

1.Govt. has decided that share of the Govt. in IDBI bank will be reduced below 51%.It will be the first step to privatise the Public Secter Banks by the NDA Govt.United Forum of IDBI Officer & Employees has given call for Strike on 27th Nov 2015.We request all our members to show solidarity by observing all the programmes given by AIBEA.(AIBEA's Circular)

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